Recording: Meetup 101: Building Communities

In this all-access live demonstration with Customer Support professionals, you’ll hear about the variety of tools Meetup has to help bring people together.


Are you looking to become a Meetup Organizer or refresh your group? Watch this recording for an event for Meetup organizers and members to learn to navigate the platform and engage with new communities. In this all-access live demonstration with Customer Support professionals, you’ll hear about the variety of tools Meetup has to help bring people together.

Watch Alissa Purcell, Alex Harris, and Gwyn Krueger from Meetup’s Community Support team, as they answer common questions including tips on how to use group descriptions, leadership teams, dues, photo albums, and communication tools.


  • Intro (1:26)
  • Starting a New Group (1:44)
  • Building a Leadership Team (6:51)
  • Engaging Your Community (12:07)
  • Tools to Offset Subscription Costs (18:20)
  • Promoting Your Group (21:39)
  • Creating an Event (25:27)
    • Organizer App Beta (26:09)
  • Contact Support (34:06)
  • Q&A (35:05)

Top Q&A & Resources:

  • How can you maintain consistent participation in your group?
    • “In terms of like maintaining engagement, that’s that’s kind of the keyword that I would call it like, How do you keep people engaged? I think leveraging a lot of the tactics that we talked about today is key, regular, consistent expected communications, both before and after your events. So that members know when to expect to hear from either you or your leadership team. Creating a clear and kind of busy schedule for your group that there’s always events to look forward to. This doesn’t mean you have to have an event every day or even every week, just like again, consistency, I think, is key that people know what to expect. And making sure that it’s clear from your group home page. I think pictures are a nice way to leverage that. I think the more specifically you’re able to identify what kind of events your members respond to and what makes them comfortable and what they get excited about It’s going to be easier to figure out what that schedule is, how frequently they want to be communicating and how frequently they want to be participating.”
  • How can I re-ignight my stagnated Meetup groups?
    • “I think just start creating events that’s how people are gonna find your group when they’re searching for things to to do. You might not have many rsvps at first, but if you keep at it, the people will come. I think especially for stagnated groups, that’s when sharing on social media becomes I think pretty key, because part of the reason, the group is stagnated is because you might have hit a wall, in terms of who within the Meetup community you can reach and that’s when you should start reaching outside of the network and pulling in more people who are interested in the specific topics and interests that your group focuses on I think once that starts happening and there’s more views on your group page more discussions being posted on your group page More people attending those events. That’s when more and more people start noticing like oh, wow! This is a vibrant community, and once that attention starts happening, I think you start seeing exponential growth and certainly an accelerated sense of participation.”
  • Is there a way on the Meetup site to confirm attendance at an event a way that we as organizers, can use to confirm people actually attend it?
    • The answer is, yes, we do have an attendee manager on the event homepage, you can click on the attendee list and there are options in a drop-down menu to select. Whether someone did attend didn’t attend, or was in a no-show. Yes, tracking attendance has always been like a really key feature for us, and we wanted to make sure that that our events had access to it.


Last modified on May 24, 2022