5 Ways to Make Your Group Stand Out

Learn more about new features and tried-and-true methods that make for an eye-catching Meetup group.

One of the best things about Meetup is the wide variety of groups and people that gather, all seeking to connect for different reasons. From hiking groups to networking communities, there are hundreds of thousands of groups across over thirty categories. It might feel like a challenge to get the right members to find your group, so take a look at these tips to help your group stand out!

  1. Write a clear and specific group description

Having a strong group description is a great way for members to easily understand what your group is all about. Now, organizers can use the new rich text feature, making it possible to use bold, italics, bullet points, and more in the description section with up to 5,000 characters. 

Step up your writing by making it easy to scan and fun to read. Add in relevant details about what types of events you’ll be hosting, where you’ll meet (online, in-person, outdoors, etc.), and how often you’ll meet. Paired with a thoughtful communication plan, a great group description can help your group stand out and help members feel welcome and ready to attend an event.

  1. Embed a video about your group

Organizers are now able to embed a Youtube or Vimeo link on their group page! Bring your group page to life with a video introducing yourself or your group, or share footage of events. Videos are a great way to make a group stand out and give members a more engaging way to learn more about what the group and events are like. As an added bonus, having a video on your page can improve its SEO, making it appear higher in search engine rankings so that more people will find your group.

  1. Make the most of group topics

When you set up your group, you likely selected a few topics related to the group and moved on. However, topics are a great tool to help get your group in front of interested members. Topics are how Meetup suggests groups to members, so it’s important to choose the right ones. Take another look at what topics you picked and see if they’re the best picks for the group. Not getting enough members to join? Try adding a few more topics to widen your audience. Or, if you’re looking for a more highly interested audience, select only a few of the most relevant topics related to your group.

  1. Schedule events in advance

After reading through a group description, members often look for upcoming scheduled events to get a feel for what a group is like. If there aren’t any events listed, it’s a missed opportunity for an RSVP. Similarly, having upcoming events makes it more likely for your group to appear in an event search. Make sure potential members know that your group is alive and well by having regularly scheduled events. It’s not only a way to keep in touch with your existing members, but it’s a way to show that you care about the group, and new members should, too!

  1. Add some personality

Help members get a better sense of who you are and what your group is like by adding some flair to your group page. Don’t be afraid to be playful and honest in your group description—be your authentic self! Introduce yourself in your personal profile bio, so members can start getting to know you before they meet you.

While there are plenty of groups for members to choose from, putting in the time and effort to bring your group page to life is a wonderful way to show off your group and your dedication. Embrace opportunities to show who you are, what the group is like, and what members can expect when they join.

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Last modified on November 15, 2023