Meetup Live

The one-stop spot for recordings and recaps of Meetup Live events, hosted by Meetup HQ!

Recording | Meetup 101: Hosting Hybrid Events

The Meetup team shares everything you need to know about hosting your first hybrid event.

Recording | Mental Health Day: Compassion and Wellbeing

A therapist and author explains the role compassion plays in mental health and interpersonal relationships.

Recording | Beans, Blends, and Brewing: National Coffee Day with Starbucks

Learn about the subtle craft of roasting, preparing, and tasting coffee in this National Coffee Day demonstration with Starbucks.

Recording: Launch a Global Community with Meetup Pro

Hear how a community expanded worldwide with the CMO of Le Wagon in this Meetup Live recording.

Recording | Meetup 101: Leveraging Member Feedback

Find out how to access your Meetup event reviews and ratings and learn how to leverage that feedback to build an even stronger community.

Recording: Connecting in a Loneliness Epidemic

Discover ways to make new friendships, deepen existing relationships, and improve your wellbeing. 

Recording: August 2023 Meetup Community Building Office Hours

The essentials for managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features.

Recording | Collaborative Community Building: Leadership Teams

Learn all about recruiting leadership teams with Meetup organizers who have seen success firsthand.