Recording: August 2023 Meetup Community Building Office Hours

The essentials for managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features.

It’s your time to build that thriving community you always wanted! Get your organizing questions answered during office hours hosted by Meetup’s Community Support team.

Watch this recording with two of Meetup’s customer support professionals, Alex Marden and Colin-Pierre Larnerd, for essentials on managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features.

Main Takeaways:

Product Updates

  • New member profiles
    • The iOS & Android apps have launched an updated member profile experience!
    • New sections:
      • Looking to
      • Shared groups
      • Shared interests
    • Members have full control over what appears and doesn’t appear on their profile.
    • Coming soon on Web.
  • Attendee List in Android app
    • The brand new attendee list is designed to give members a clearer sense of who will be there, and why they should attend the event they’ve registered for.
    • Organizers and Member+ subscribers can now see a detailed attendee list view that showcases:
      • Interests of the attendees, including shared interests
      • What members are looking for (e.g. practicing hobbies and/or making friends)
  • Redesigned Event Feedback Page
    • We have redesigned the Event Feedback page to include the following details:
      • Show-up results
      • Rating breakdown
      • What people had to say
      • What people liked
      • Your group info
      • Recent events
      • Organizer resources
  • Event Feedback Overview Page
    • See all of your past event feedback in one place!
    • See what people liked and what went wrong.
    • Sort and filter ratings, message reviewers, and report feedback.
    • Use your member’s feedback to learn and make improvements to your events!

Top Q&A Questions and Resources:

  • Can you clarify automated reminders for events at scheduled intervals before the event to increase the show-up rate?
    • Colin: Currently, organizers have the option to manually send announcements to their groups about events. There’s an understanding of the need for scheduled reminders. Organizers have expressed interest in having the ability to preset announcements and reminders for a more automated process. This feedback is encouraged to be submitted through the feature request form to increase the likelihood of its development. While manual announcements don’t yet support this, the platform already offers automated event reminders.


Last modified on August 24, 2023