Keep Connected Podcast

Keep Connected is a podcast about the power of community hosted by David Siegel, CEO of Meetup.

Episode 57: How to Prioritize Fulfillment

A Meetup organizer discusses the human empowerment movement and his approach to finding fulfillment on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 56: The Skill of Adult Friendship

Psychologist Dr. Marisa G. Franco discusses the value of platonic relationships, and why they ought to be treated with as much care and responsibility as romantic relationships.

Episode 55: What Being Loyal To Yourself Means

Dr. Rick Hanson discusses the neurological angle on the benefits of daily meditation, even when done for as little as 60 seconds at a time.

Episode 54: Life Advice to Take on Your Next Stroll

Hear what happens when people get together to socialize through physical activity. Learn how to get more active this year on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 53: Practicing Happiness With Jewel

In this special two-year anniversary episode of Keep Connected, singer-songwriter Jewel discusses her mental health journey and mission to bring therapeutic resources to those who need them most.

Episode 52: Busting Myths About Introverts

Meetup group organizer Brenda Bea discusses the secret power introverts possess on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 51: Embracing Our Differences

A spiritual leader explains how to grow from painful experiences and become more compassionate on the Keep Connected podcast.

Episode 50: Sowing the Seeds of Joy with Monique Rhodes

Learn about the revolutionary role meditation can play on your path to happiness and hear about the crossover between friendship and spirituality in this centering episode of the Keep Connected podcast.