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Socialize and Make Friends with Common Interests

Since 2002, Meetup has helped people make friends. The easiest way to spark new friendships is by starting with a shared interest. Attend Meetup events for your hobbies and meet like-minded people. Regularly attend events to get to know the people you meet. Join groups to find lasting communities.

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Join groups for your interests, from hiking and biking to knitting and reading. Make friends with people who like what you like.

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Spark friendships anywhere with virtual events. Meet up with friends around the world.

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Join a dedicated group of people who want to make new friendships. Get social with friendly locals.

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There are thousands of groups dedicated to socializing and making friends on Meetup, with events happening every day.

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Tips for using Meetup to meet new friends

Tips for using Meetup to meet new friends

There’s nothing like sharing an interest to help spark a friendship. Here’s how to use Meetup to meet new friends.

  1. Find events and join groups for your interests by searching on Meetup. Try topics like “pickleball,” “book clubs,” “hiking,” or “board games.”
  2. Make a commitment to attend at least one event a week.
  3. At the Meetup event, start conversations with people you meet. Remember, they’re there to meet people too. If you’re shy, try a few of these ice-breaking techniques.
  4. Repeat the experience by attending more events from the same group. Friendship takes time. Get to know your Meetup community and friendship will follow.

Read below for blog articles with more tips for using Meetup to make like-minded friends where you live.

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As hard as it is to make new friends as an adult, it's profoundly easier when you share something in common with someone you meet. That's the beauty of the Meetup app!

Brianna Stryker, Meetup member

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I Used Meetup to Make Friends at Brunch

I Used Meetup to Make Friends at Brunch

New Jersey-based writer and college student Brianna Stryker wanted to meet friends in her hometown. Learn how she used Meetup to make connections by joining a Girls Night Out Meetup group.

Moving to a New City: How to Make It Your Home

Moving to a New City: How to Make It Your Home

Long-distance moves bring a unique set of challenges, especially in the social sphere. Learn how to make new friends and navigate an unfamiliar landscape both physically and emotionally.

Tips for Making Friends as an Adult during Lonely Times

Tips for Making Friends as an Adult during Lonely Times

The global pandemic ushered in an epidemic of loneliness. Here are some simple, straightforward ways to overcome it by sparking new friendships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is making friends important?

Friends make life more enjoyable. They are the people who will celebrate good times and help you through the rough times. Making friendships and finding community are also a vital part of your mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that community is one of the greatest indicators of lifelong health and happiness.

How do I find a friendship group?

Find friendship groups by starting with your interests. Search for any topic you like: soccer, knitting, book clubs, and more. Attend events to meet like-minded friends near you.

Where can I meet new friends?

Start locally: you can meet friends who live in your city at workout classes, cultural events, or even the dog park! Volunteer for local causes or organizations to meet people who have similar values. Attend Meetup events for your interests and make friends who share them.