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Brisbane Theosophical Society is a branch of the Theosophical Society of Australia. Weekly public lectures every Wednesday evening covers topics ranging from philosophy, comparative religion, science, and investigation of unexplained laws of nature and power latent in the human being. Lectures are free for Theosophical Society members and a $2 donation for non-TS members. Lectures start at 7:30 pm on Wednesday (except for public holidays and Dec--Jan). Free Study groups for Buddhism and Krishnamurti are on Wednesdays during 10:30 am-12:30 pm.

Upcoming events (4+)

Workshop | The Heart: Doorway to the Soul and Higher Consciousness

355 Wickham Terrace

The Heart: Doorway to the Soul and Higher Consciousness

Facilitators : Tony Petcopoulos & Nicky Bassett

This is an opportunity to explore the spiritual power and significance of our heart and its capacity to activate higher states of consciousness. Tony and Nicky will share four scientifically-proven techniques which positively impact our journey on the Path and our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Lunch: Please bring lunch to share

Cost: $20 to cover printing

Registration and Payment:
Please phone Aina on[masked]

Public Lecture: The Three Transformations

355 Wickham Terrace

The Three Transformations

Presenter: David Monaghan

The Three Transformations provide a framework to raise the awareness through the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies and also allow for a deeper investigation of the planes on which these vessels vibrate. By strengthening the ability to concentrate and awakening clairsentient capacities we can pierce through the veil separating these different states of awareness.

Public Lecture: Unmasking our True Self | A Zen Approach to Liberation

355 Wickham Terrace

Unmasking our True Self | A Zen Approach to Liberation

Presenter: Arno Hess

The Buddhist project is liberation from suffering - nirvana. Its traditions continue to develop through various methods, models, rituals and practices since its origins over 2500 years ago. This lecture will focus on the practices and methods of classical Zen-Buddhism, in particular on the purpose and application of Song Chinese [masked]) koan practice and its relevance today.

Workshop | How do we develop Spiritual Consciousness?

355 Wickham Terrace


Facilitator: Barry Bowden

Consciousness allows us to be aware of life. There are three levels - emotional, mental, and soul. This workshop will give you tools to use on the spiritual path, helping to stabilise the emotions, and calm the mind.

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Movie Night: Practical Mysticism | The Way of the Future

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