Meetup for Organizers app

We’re thrilled to announce Meetup for Organizers, an app available on both iOS and Android, designed to help you manage Meetup events wherever you go. 

Try it for yourself today!

*Apps can only be downloaded using a mobile device

Community-building, streamlined

Using the Meetup for Organizers app you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your events on the go
  • Schedule events, including recurring events
  • Create and edit an unlimited number of draft events
  • Find resources for making the most of the Meetup platform
  • Use the new Zoom integration to add a Zoom link to your online events with the click of a button

With a streamlined design and Meetup’s most powerful APIs yet, the new app for organizers provides you with a simple and reliable way to build community wherever you go. 

New features 🚀

The Meetup for Organizers app will continue to have new features. In the last months we've added:

Event attendance taking tools

so you can log who came to your event without the hassle of a signin sheet

Attendee management tools

to see who’s coming to your events and more

Customize your communications

You can now turn event chat and event comment on or off when you creat an event.

Start fundraising

Enable fundraising by setting up your Pledge account within the Meetup for Organizers app.

What Meetup organizers are saying

Excellent process, love the organizer app. Ta!

New app is user-friendly & visually appealing. I also like the ease of the Event Full option and the way categories are separated. Thank you!

Worked like a charm, was quick, and enabled me to schedule my event with no hassle.

Thanks for investing in the organizer experience!

Love that the draft option is now available instead of just upcoming & past options of events.

Thank you very much for taking my input! This will make a positive impact on organizers and make it easier to post future events.

Tell us what you think

We want your help as we continue to improve the app and add new features. If a feature isn’t working the way you think it should, share your feedback with us. You can also make feature requests using the same form. 

Let’s collaborate

We want to build the best possible mobile experience for organizers and we’ll need your help along the way. Download the latest version of the Meetup for Organizer app, test its features, and share your feedback with us.

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