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The Code for America Brigade Network is a national network of community organizers, designers, government staff and technologists who are committed to leveraging technology in order to make government work better. These local groups are called Brigades. They have about 70K members across nearly 80 US cities volunteering their time to projects that benefit their local communities.

Code for America Brigades have been on Meetup Pro for more than three years and have really mastered the art of keeping local leaders engaged and motivated. The organization offers them a wide range of resources and has put creative methods and tools in place to ensure they are heard and supported.

Creating an online community and collaboration space is critically important to Brigades and as such, Brigade leaders and members can connect via various Slack channels in the Code for America workspace. All members are welcome to join a national Brigade Slack workspace, and each local Brigade also has its own Slack workspace to build their online community.
The Code for America Brigade Network can stay informed about local Brigade projects and updates by subscribing to the weekly newsletter ‘This Week in Civic Tech.’ The newsletter is also a fun way to highlight successes, keep members engaged, and inspire more people to contribute to Code for America’s mission.
Starting a Brigade chapter is no easy task. Brigade leaders must juggle everything from finding a good venue for regular in-person meetings to cultivating a local civic tech community to identifying projects that will improve local residents’ lives. Code for America provides resources to Brigade leaders to cover these important topics and many others, such as creating a safe space for attendees via a Code of Conduct.
Each month, a set of four or five Brigade leaders host an online workshop on a specific topic in the civic tech field. The workshops give Brigade leaders tools and best practices on running inclusive groups, hosting successful events, and overcoming shared challenges. Workshops can facilitate a feedback loop with local leaders to determine which topics resonate the most with them. Other Brigade leaders can view the workshop live, or access the recordings at a time that is most convenient for them.
EA few years ago, Code for America created the NAC in response to an observation that it was hard to share feedback between the organization and the volunteers in a distributed community. The NAC is made of nine elected Brigade members, and acts as a liaison between Code for America staff and the Brigade community. It connects Brigades to one another to share learnings and ideas and supports community leaders. “The NAC is a very important component of having an inclusive network. Its members quickly and efficiently respond to community concerns and needs, and provide essential feedback to Code for America staff.” —Tom Dooner, Developer Evangelist, Network Team
The whole Code for America family gets together once a year for their annual Summit, with a full day dedicated to Brigades. The organization encourages Brigade leaders to join the event and facilitates travel arrangements for them.

Brigade members are also invited to join an annual Brigade Congress, held in a different city with a Brigade presence each year. This event provides leadership training for Brigade leaders, as well as knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for the community members. Brigade members are involved in building the agenda, which ensures the event is curated to their needs and interests. Brigade Congress is just a few years old, but Brigade members and leaders have consistently given very positive feedback on the event—it’s an opportunity for Code for America to support the community and bring members from all across the country together to learn from each other!
Because everyone loves free t-shirts! Gifting branded swag is an easy, fun way to create a sense of belonging within your community. Brigade members are proud to show off their affiliation with an organization they believe in. Code for America even creates exclusive swag for their Brigade leaders as a way to reward them for their hard work.

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"Our Meetups are the most effective way to showcase Couchbase to our loyal customers and community developers. Meetup attendees have been inquiring about Couchbase, and are always curious to learn more!"
Laura Czajkowski,
Senior Developer Community Manager, Couchbase
"In 2017, we saw a 600% growth in the number of Meetups our organization sponsors, and we doubled the number of participants! We were able to connect with over 3,000 women entrepreneurs and provide them with an amazing network. Meetup Pro was directly responsible for that, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them as a partner!"
Denise Schmidt
Chief Operations Officer, Women Entrepreneurs’ Secrets of Success
"With over 115 Unreal Engine Meetup groups, Meetup Pro has enabled us to reach our amazing global community of developers, while empowering them to support and encourage one another. This camaraderie has inspired others to request their own Meetups, rapidly growing our developer community."
Amanda Bott
Community Manager, Epic Games
“Our Meetups are a great way for potential candidates to get to know us - and for us to get to know them! We’re thrilled to be able to draw from a rich pool of talent in each city, and to make solid connections with potential hires in a more casual environment.”
Elizabeth Kinsey
Director of Community & Events, Branch
“With over 100 Meetup groups, IBM is taking advantage of Meetup Pro to do analytics on groups that perform well versus groups that need additional help. Meetup Pro allows us to quickly provide additional resources to all of our groups.”
Nancy M. Berlin
IBM Program Manager, Big Data Meetups