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Adliswil to Uetliberg After Work Hike

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Summer 2018 approaches slowly!

3 years accident-free hiking, that's a great thing.

Our hikes are not dangerous but quite exhausting (except the after work hikes are very easy ones), so don't get scared, get ready! Because we are by far the wildest hikers worldwide...

This group is the realization of an idea to do 100 days of hiking in summer 2015, mainly in Switzerland and nearby Südtirol, Vorarlberg, Schwarzwald, Alsace, Rhone-Alpes (at the end, hike count was 160 within one year, -full-term hiking so to speak).

We offer a variety of hikes: from relaxed to sportive.
Come and enjoy fresh air, healthy exercise, wonderful landscape, great company and a bit of adventure!

Requirements for membership

1. Name (e.g., Markus, Annette B., etc., NOT: E.T., Xxx123, CH1, etc.)

2. A photo of yourself

3. A membership is for ONE PERSON. You cannot join as a couple or a group.

4. Entire inactivity of more than 1 year (not even visiting our page once a year sitting at home...!) will lead to exclusion of your membership. In this case, you can re-enter at any time (and be "inactive" for another year).

5. Any organizer of an event is entitled to collect 5.- CHF of each participant/day. This in order to cover the cost of the organizer or to donate it to any hiking related organization like SAC/ Red Cross, or the Dalai Lama... for example.

6. Everyone can become an organizer subject to organize at least one event per year and following the rules 1-8.

7. No shows and late checkouts (generally 24 hours before) can lead to getting "deleted" from the hiking groups. In such an event you cannot re-enter and you are banned forever. This might sound very strict rules (by the way they are) but after all these years of organizing hikes we came to the conclusion that we all need a bit of discipline, respecting the group, respecting the NATURE, so try to be as silent as possible when "hunting" through European forests may it be alone or in a group of expats from around the globe.

8. It is of utmost importance that you keep your "daily business" at home. Please do not molest NATURE with endless talks about your job endeavors, especially IT stuff. If you cannot follow this rule, you will get one short and simple warning from the organizer. He will send you back to your artificial intelligence pretty quick, believe me!

We are also happy to welcome members able to lead hikes for one or several days.

The hiking TEAM/ Comandante/ Subcomandante, etc.


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