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Hey! And welcome to http://12min.me Berlin.

With personality and passion we create monthly events that foster conversation and discussion, offer insight exchange and the easiest networking in town between new and old economy.

And this is how we do it:
Three great speakers offer their stories, insights and learnings but they don´t have much time.
Because everything runs at a 12min.-Beat:

12minutes talk
12minutes Q&A
12minutes networking

The evenings usually end with free drinks, great conversations and new friends.

We are are in 30+ cities worldwide (check: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/pro/12minme/ ) and looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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12min.me IgniteTalks & Networking #34

Aperto – An IBM Company

ATTENTION: After our last amazing event we'll be back at Aperto office on 28th MARCH! (different date than already announced) 12min.me is an informal but highly professional network for bright minds and smart people - no matter which age group, business or gender! We gonna meet @ Aperto which is a digital agency of IBM in MITTE. We have as usual 3 great speakers for you! 12min.me - "Don't waste your time" works like this: + 12x12 seconds (144sec) ice breaker + entry 4 free + drinks 4 free + each speaker has 12 minutes to talk > exactly! + you have another max. 12minutes for Q&A after each talk + 12 minutes networking after each speaker + long networking after the talks SPEAKER: 1st is Jonathan Klodt Co-Founder, Coach & Transformation Catalyst @ Leadership³ Speaking about: Healing The Business World - Why We Need A Global Transformation We live in a time of unprecedented urgency, a multidimensional crisis of monumental magnitude. At the core of this transformation business can play an crucial role in the birth process of a new and more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. What if our workplaces were communities where we meet beyond our masks and show ourselves with all of who we are? I have a vision to transform all organizations in the world to become hubs for regeneration and healing. Crazy? Maybe - but it’s happening already - and I’m not the only one! About Jonathan: Jonathan is a Berlin based coach and facilitator. He works with leaders and innovators from all fields in the process of transforming self, business and society. His main focus is to create safe spaces where we can show ourselves fully and vulnerably without masks to move into an untapped potential of creativity and resilience. He is a co-founder of Leadership³ and has been pioneering collective leadership and new work for more than 10 years. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jklodt/ 2nd is Irina Buruiana: Co-Founder, Relationship Coach & Trainer @ UltreiaCamino Speaking about: Finding your Way on Jakobsweg We live in a world where speed is the law. Where input and mental noise become something “natural” and we redefine connection, as a technological trait and not a human emotion. I want to bring you back to the simple, to the natural, to the obvious and beautifully unpredictable. When was the last time you took a day, a week off to just be with people, with yourself, with your thoughts, decision, and emotions and to get more in touch with your body? I will talk about my experience of walking Jakobsweg and how this gave birth to UltreiaCamino, a project that aims to redefine connection, detox our minds and bring us back to our roots. About Irina: Irina is a Berlin-based relationship coach, therapist, and facilitator. She works with determined individuals from all sorts of backgrounds in improving their relationships (romantic, business etc) and improving their quality of life. She guides her work following the mantra: "The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives" (Esther Perel) Her main focus is to create safe spaces for understanding emotional and behavior patterns so we can have a higher life satisfaction, creativity, health, and passion. She is the co-founder of UltreiaCamino and has been generating individual and organizational changes for more than 8 years. https://www.linkedin.com/in/irinaburu/ 3rd Speaker is Paul Ohmert Founder, CEO @Cinegramm Speaking about: Balancing family and work life is a tricky task these days. Especially in the creative industries. How can we run a family and a company? What do both have in common and what can we learn from the one and the other? Paul is talking about his personal experiences and the intersections of being a father and CEO. He believes changing the way we work is essential, if we want to change the world for the better. About Paul: Paul Ohmert is an Editor and Creative Producer for almost 10 years now. With his fourth company he is producing fairly successful branded content, trailer, music videos and commercials for bigger brands and NGOs. He is also a father of 2 boys. And THAT shifted his focus fundamentally. Now his first goal is not striving for the most creative visual content, but for the most creative production solutions and structures to realize them. For him, creativity needs solid structures and processes that give security to let ideas fly. He also advises brands and NGOs on their online communication and gives workshops about visual storytelling and mobile filmmaking. BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND PEERS! & please check if you can really make it > if NOT please make space for someone else - thx!

12HRS.US - SOCIETY DISRUPTED Hamburg (Tickets ONLY @ www.12HRS.US or Eventbrite)

HKIC Chamber of Commerce Innovation Campus

Attention: To attend this event you need to buy a ticket at the event's homepage www.12HRS.US or directly at Eventbrite since it's a little more efford to organize a serious conference ;) Only for you - our community - we provide a limited amount of tickets for €120 instead of €212 for the early bird one BUT you will have to use the DISCOUNT CODE: "ILOVE12MINME" >> https://www.12hrs.us/tickets 12HRS.US - SOCIETY DISRUPTED: The 12MIN.ME - Conference (fully English!) Learn in 12 hours in 2 days what and how digital transformation will affect you. The 1st 12MIN.ME Conference in Hamburg: Everybody talks about digitalization, technology, disruption and innovation BUT where do we stand, what do we have to expect, and what does all that mean for society and for our daily life? It's about something that affects all of us: "Digital Transformation" the uncertainty that goes along with the rapid innovation, disruption and change of entire industries and market segments in which everyone of us is making a living from. Experts, innovators and founders will teach us what the buzz & fuss is all about, where the chances and risks are, how we can participate or contribute - individually or society as a whole. Figure out if the next 12 years will be more a utopia or if we are heading into dystopia and what's your stake in that. We'll paint Hamburg RED during the time of the conference with artists, great food and an awesome party additionally to all what was already mentioned above :D More about the conference at our homepage: https://www.12HRS.US Innovation, progress and opportunity is everywhere! Don't miss out on being part of it because inspiration and fun is the least we have to offer. Who will win the 1st 12HRS.US-Award? Additionally to our conference we will issue in total 2! AWARDS on Thursday afternoon for FOUNDERS: One for female & one for male founder personalities. Tell us what inspired you: your favourite startups, ideas, projekts and achievers. Nominate personalities here: https://www.12hrs.us/awards The 12 Topics: https://www.12hrs.us/topics The Speakers: https://www.12hrs.us/speakers More + tickets here: https://www.12hrs.us/ OR https://www.eventbrite.com/e/12hrsus-society-disrupted-the-12minme-conference-tickets-52492187546

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