8. MeetUp AR/VR/MR: AR in Health Care


We let our network decide what topic to cover in our events and we invite experts to share their experiences. The topic of our eighth AR/VR/MR MeetUp is: AR in Health Care

The health care business rightfully prides itself to be an industry that constantly invests in new technologies and courageously explores new ways to improve our well being. Always trying to balance expensive research for new treatments with the incentive to drive down health care costs.

AR/VR/MR-technologies are becoming more capable, immersive and mode affordable. These advancements open many new possibilities:

=> Research: Simulations and spatial visualizations can improve comprehension of complex or otherwise invisible relationships.
=> Training: Immersive technologies enable us to look inside the human body like never before. Students can learn more efficiently, and surgeons can rehearse and plan procedures to improve performance in high stakes scenarios.
=> Therapies: Virtual worlds can help patients with Phobias, PTSD and other psychological disorders, while Mixed Reality experiences incentivize physical exercise and track movement in rehabilitation scenarios.
=> Telemedicine: The availability and the relative low cost of AR/VR/MR solutions bring health care specialists closer to patients and operation theaters, bridging distances between all stakeholders.

These new possibilities and advancements still need to adhere to rigorous testing, certification, the scientific method and empirical research to be viable in the health care business.

As usual, we'll invite experts working with these technologies to talk about their work and we try provide as many hands-on experiences as possible for our participants.

=> Marko Bublic - afca. ag: Introduction

=> Stefan Villiger - Schule für Gestaltung Bern: Visual Training with Eye Tracking
Stefan gives insights into the conception and design process of a Magic Leap application for Visual Training. Visual Training is a form of therapy for the treatment of visual disorders and is mostly carried out on paper until now.

=> Reto Grob - Augment.IT: Planning Surgeries using Mixed Reality
Currently, many surgeries are based on imaging data acquired using CT and MR scans. They are typically optimized and viewed on PC screens. To optimize the planning surgeons can overlay the data right on the patient. But the translation from a 2D screen onto the real world is a source of errors. For this, questions on accuracy and registration methods must be answered.

=> Jan Hiss - ETH Zürich: Learning Experiences in ETH-CADD
From virtual molecules to real live drugs. How computer-assisted drug design uses Mixed Reality to introduce students to the world of molecules.

=> Cyrill Dennler - UniversitätsSpital Zürich: Augmented Reality in the Operating Theatre
What are the needs of the doctors in the operating room and where could digital assistance improve surgeries? Cyril Dennler speaks from a physician's perspective about how computer-assisted navigation and AR in the operating room could improve their work.

We'll do the event-moderation in English, while our experts will give their inputs in English and standard German.

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