Worum es bei uns geht

Magst du Kunst??

Madrid is full of possibilities… - After all, we are living close to all kinds of museums, like the Prado museum, the Thyssen and Reina Sofia, but there are lots of art and music events too. Especially now, in autumn, there seems to be no end to art fairs, festivals, performances and contemporary music events, isn´t it?! – while at the same time, I´ve been noticing, there has emerged big interest in studying German or at least in starting to study German in this city. – Spannend!!

So instead of getting lost all alone in the oversupply of artistic events, I plan to focus on a special aspect. I would like to get to know people in that specific field of (contemporary) Art and Music and, additionally, helping you to get in touch with the German language or improve your German language skills. – So, no worries, every language level is welcome, no matter if you are an absolute beginner or already a crack!! – Hallo!! : ))

Was machen wir??!

I would love to start visiting contemporary art events together, for example the Hybrid Festival, which is taking place this very moment in Madrid. However, I´m also open to visiting more classical places, like the Prado museum or the Thyssen, which is one of my favourites. And as I am having my roots in Arts and teaching Arts, as well as experience in teaching German, I would be more than happy to prepare a special “Arts and Language – Tour” for you; something between guided tour and workshop, something containing information, contemplation, conversation and practice. Although I´m not a game designer, I think some exercises could add to the fun and may prove useful to activating or improving your German language skills... Ich freu mich schon!!

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