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Are you a talented, ambitious professional eager to make a difference, but struggling to find ways to accelerate your career? Are you afraid to lose your job security, but at the same time you're frustrated about your job because it doesn't excite you? Do you feel underutilised, uninspired, or unappreciated at work and wonder how to finally find something that brings fulfilment and an advancement in your career?

Maybe you have a corporate job and career path in view, but you aren't moving forward at the rate you want. You're struggling to navigate the path to getting more of what you desire--and you're getting impatient. You're more than ready to break through the constraints that you're seemingly confined to, if you'd only know HOW!

Join us at our next 2-hour keynote speech to learn the Secrets and Winning Strategies of accelerating your career while doing what you love, to create a life on your own terms! Angela Go is an International Award-Winning Public Speaker, Successful Intrapreneur, Serial Entrepreneur and World-Class Executive Coach & Trainer.

She holds an impressive track record of success leading and participating in projects at large multinationals such as Philips, Siemens, MSD and Nestlé. She successfully made several seemingly impossible career moves and is a living example of the possibility to create a life on your own terms.

Now she's coming to Geneva to share her secrets with you!

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