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Sometimes, an online connection isn’t enough to fully build a thriving community. We understand that – after all, we too crave social connection! That’s why we’ve created the Agile for Humanity Meetup. Monthly (if COVID-19 permits), we will meet to share topics like design thinking, agile, technology, lean startup, and social justice. Speakers from around the world will present these topics, giving us their unique, diverse, and global perspective. Our presenters have participated from Germany, Boston, California, and Tucson.
If an individual can’t come to our meetups, they can still take part in the community from a distance. We’ll offer an interactive virtual webinar so people can engage with the community and get involved in discussions – no matter where they are. People can also access the speakers’ talks through our Agile for Humanity podcast. In this way, we can expand our community even more, facilitating even better conversations and greater collaboration.
Our Goals:
• Build Trust
• Build Community
• Build Capabilities in social injustice, agility, technology, and leadership
Monthly, we meet to share topics presented by speakers from around the world. Our presenters have participated from Germany, Boston, California, and Tucson. 
Our Focus:
• Diverse and Global
• Interactive virtual webinar encouraging people engagement and involvement
• Topics in design thinking, agile, technology, lean startup, social justice for humanity
• Available as a podcast
We record a webinar and publish the topic monthly to https://GrokShare.com and https://KnolSharewithDrDave.com, as a contribution to "KnolShare with Dr. Dave" podcast streamed on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Each monthly webinar is also published for the Agile Alliance monthly newsletter.  


KnolShare.org wants to ensure a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment for everyone, whenever they are engaged in Agile for Humanity activities, events, and operations.
We do not tolerate harassing or disrespectful behavior, interactions, messages, or images, by any member, in any form. This includes business and social activities, regardless of location.
We encourage everyone to help in creating a welcoming and safe environment. Please report any concerns, harassing behavior, suspicious or disruptive activity using these contact methods: contact event organizers, volunteers, or committee/board members or email Knolshare.org customer care.
KnolShare.org reserves the right to refuse admittance to or remove any person from an activity at any time at its sole discretion and discontinue their affiliation with the organization or individual. This includes members, event attendees, speakers, local and regional community leaders, sponsors, Leadership Council members, and volunteers.