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Agile Learning Labs provide a learning, experimenting and sharing environment for agile practitioners of all kinds and levels. Facilitated by experienced agile coaches the lab is a place to come to share your struggles, offer ideas, listen and learn, and become rejuvenated in your work.

Join our #all-berlin channel on the agile coaching slack here:

Inspired by Tobias Mayer's Scrum Master Clinics.

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ALL Berlin November 2021 (maybe onsite, maybe online... looking for a location)

we meet, talk and socialize in gather.town (beautifully created and designed by Alex):

we work, collaborate and document on our miro board:


Due to the covid situation this will be still an online event. We will meet in Gather.Town and send the URL to the registered participants on the day of the event.

Are you an agile practitioner and learner? A Problem-Solver, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer, Agile Coach or an awesome Manager? This is our space to learn together. Bring your challenge, opportunity or problem! Anything you want to share, practice or learn about!

This afternoon will be all about learning through exchanging. We will create a list of topics and form small groups to work together in an open space format.
Options include:
- ask for help with a current situation
- bring and practice a method or technique
- practice coaching, where the coach and the coachee both learn
...this space is safe to fail!

Happy to have you as a part of our awesome community!

Your ALL crew: Alex, Nat, Olaf, Tom

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ALL Berlin September 2021 (still online in Gather.Town)


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