ALL Berlin July 2019

Agile Learning Lab Berlin (fka ScrumMaster Clinic)
Agile Learning Lab Berlin (fka ScrumMaster Clinic)
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Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 33 · 10178 Berlin

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Please check in at the reception - they will lead you to the 4th floor.

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Are you an agile practitioner or learner? Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer, Agile Coach? This is our space to learn together.
Bring your challenge, opportunity or problem! Anything you want to practice or learn ... This afternoon will be all about learning.

We will create a list of topics and form small groups to work together. Options include: - ask for help with a current situation - bring and practice a method or technique - this space is safe to fail! - practice coaching, where the coach and the coachee both learn. Let's practice and learn together!

We are, of course, open for suggestions just fill out this survey to let us know your ideas.

P.S. The guys from FlixBus are so friendly, that they will again order some snacks for us as well, so please make sure you update your attendance so that we can plan it accordingly :-)