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Through Agile:MK, we invite everyone to help drive the adoption and improvement of Agile methodologies in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. We do this through sharing experiences, talking with experts within areas of interest, and creating a space for Agile professionals to network and share their successes and challenges with adopting and practicing Agile.

Through doing this we want to raise the standards of professional working life for the Agile community in our area.

For news about Agile in Milton Keynes our events and other updates see out meetup page and follow us on twitter: @AgileMK (https://twitter.com/AgileMK).

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Agile:MK December - tbc



Agile:MK January - My journey with flow and why it floats my boat

At this Agile:MK event we have Ben Nicholls who describes the session in his own words as follows... Three years ago I was a long-time programme manager in a major European bank. Then a door opened, I went to a session making paper boats and I got hooked on flow and how key principles can be demonstrated in a fun, interactive 1-hour workshop. This session will take you through my introduction to agile, including my key learnings (and failings) facilitating 30 boats sessions in the bank. Oh waterfall, if I knew then what I know now! I am an agile consultant at Santander UK, helping individuals and teams improve their delivery of value. I have been with Santander for 8 years, before which I spent 25 years delivering IT change in a variety of UK financial institutions. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and the cinema.

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Agile:MK October - So When Will It Be Done?

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