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At our meetups we play. We practice different types of games - from easier exercises to full time role play stories that are designed to offer a safe place for self discovering.

We do that to challenge our behavior and learn new strategies.

Each meeting starts with ice-breakers, goes on with a series of games on some topic and ends up with psychological analyses of what was done. Agile knowledge is not a must.

Come and play with us if you like to practice agile approach in a fun way.

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Gamification Europe (Berlin)

Benötigt einen Veranstaltungsort

Hi all! This is the promotion event - I am invited as a speaker (workshop facilitator) to the conference Gamification Europe https://gamification-europe.com that will happen on 9-10 December in Berlin. If you are willing to join me there - tickets are still on sale! The workshop I will present there is called "Changification - gamifying organizational change". If you are interested in this topic outside of the conference, we can play about it at your event or in you company. Hope to meet some familiar faces at the conference! You can buy tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gamification-europe-2019-tickets-60868092102 Cheers Stani

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