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Angular Vienna
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Christopher Supnig will finally present his problem to discuss it with you - here to link to study the problem and think about it in the meanwhile:

Christoph Körner on "Directives for Data-Driven Visualization using TypeScript, AngularJS and D3"
D3.js is a great library for creating data-driven interactive visualizations on top of SVG. With AngularJS we can put these visualizations into directives to get testable, composable and simple building blocks for creating complex visualizations and Google-Analytics-like dashboards. In the talk we will see a mix of D3, best-practised, common pitfalls and examples.

János Gyurisán & Max Kossatz on "ngReact vs. ngRepeat in Production"

How we moved our Chat, used by 7 million users per month, from using ngRepeat to ngReact and what impact this move had on the performance (with live demo).