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# Design Systems, Micro Apps, Dynamic Forms

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# Sketchmine: Tools for Design Systems

At Angular Connect, we announced Sketchmine, an Open Source suite to create, validate and maintain Sketch design files in combination with Angular component libraries. In this talk, we show you our road from a proof of concept to a full open source tool. Learn how we used tools like Lerna and Schematics, and how Material's and Barista's component architecture is essential for tooling.

Katrin Freihofner and Stefan Baumgartner - Linz, Austria


## Angular, React, Vue and co.: Harmoniously united by web components and micro apps?

JavaScript frameworks are being rapidly developed – unfortunately far too quickly for many long-term projects! Framework-independent web components and micro app architectures represent immovable obstacles.

This session explores how to decouple your projects with web components from concrete frameworks and micro apps to create a future-proof architecture that can grow over time. The pros and cons are discussed, and solutions to pitfalls provided.

Manfred Steyer - Graz, Austria


## Reactive dynamic Forms

Angular Reactive Forms are awesome! But did you ever try to build a huge data-driven app? It's a pain!
In this talk we're going to level up our skills and uncover the true power of Angular forms. We'll dive deep into fully configuration based, model driven, dynamic forms that will supercharge every Angular app. We will see how to create an abstraction layer around our forms that facilitate high reusability and allows us to create new forms in minutes.

Juri Strumpflohner- Bolzano, Italy

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# Dynatrace -

We are young, working agile and our heart beats for software development. As Dynatrace we're global leader in Software Intelligence, founded 2005 in Linz (Austria). We are pioneer in the fields of self-driving IT and cloud systems. Our software platform helps our customers eg. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Audi / VW with their digital transformation.

# yelster digital gmbh -

Join us to develop the core product of one of the Europe's biggest internet players!

Yelster digital employs an international team of more than 35 experts.
Help us building a digital knowledge solution that empowers SMEs to claim, enhance and synchronize their publicly available business listings across local and global publishers including Google, Facebook, Bing, and many more.
Talk to us during the Angular Vienna Meetup or write us directly at [masked].

# xFIS IT-Lösungen GmbH -

We at xFIS IT-Lösungen GmbH strive to create highest-quality software solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. Our modern inhouse product plattform xFIS Core is the pillar to provide tailored business solutions that make a difference, but our real value lies in our team and our culture. To grow we are constantly looking for talented people that share our values, our passion for software development and have what it takes to deliver lasting customer impact.


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