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https://ng-zrh.github.io/ - Angular meetup in Zürich.

We plan to have fun learning, sharing, coding and building web applications.

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PWA with Angular

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DESCRIPTION Most of us have already heard about Progressive Web Apps. We will dive deeper into what Progressive Web Apps are and why they could be important for you and your business. Afterwards we will follow questions in the angular universe like how can we build one with angular? Are there any issues we need to be aware of? Together we will face these questions in combination with the requirements which are driving you towards building a progressive web app. I will take you on the journey of building your first angular progressive web app from scratch. AGENDA 18:30 - Doors open and Networking 19:00 - PWA with Angular tuning by Raphael Ritter 20:00 - Optional networking 21:00 - Doors closing BIO Raphael Ritter develops front ends ever since with various technologies. During the last 6 years he is focused on web technologies, especially angular. Thereby coaching, developing and defining large scale front end architectures for customers or teaching at universities of applied sciences has become my exciting job. He is very passionate about using latest tech to provide the best user experience possible.

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