Observables in Angular

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Observables in Angular

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Modern web application requirements have changed dramatically in recent years. Observables allow us to produce loosely coupled and complex asynchronous systems. They have taken the web, specially inside the Angular framework.

We are going to explore what are the differences with Promises, what are the benefits, but also the problems we may encounter when creating Angular asynchronous components.

18:30 - Doors open and Networking
19:00 - Observables in Angular by Carlos Morales
21:00 - The End

Carlos Morales started programming in BASIC when he was 6 years old with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ that he still owns. He's loved the technology ever since. Professionally, he has worked for more than 15 years in different roles, always around web applications. He fell in love with Angular, and he founded the Angular Meetup group in Zürich.

Avaloq offices are located 11 minutes away from Zürich HB with S4 train. The train station is Manegg, which is still in zone 110.

There'll be a prize draw for a free ticket to Jazoon Spring 2017, Bern.
Jazoon TechDays is a one-day JavaScript conference which takes place on[masked]. Jazoon will also offer full day workshops the day before the conference on 27th April 2017 in Berne. The topics are Angular, RxJs, React and Redux, All teachers are experts in their field and have been running workshops worldwide

More details at http://jazoon.com/ .