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The Ann Arbor Classics Book Group meets monthly on Sundays at 3pm at Nicola's Books in the Westgate Shopping Center on Ann Arbor's West Side to discuss selections from Boxall's "1001 books you must read before you die."

Group members vote online for monthly selections. There are dues of $1.00 for each meetup attended (to help cover the monthly meetup.com fee).

Occasionally, we will have an after-discussion dinner.

This group is largely driven by its members, so make sure to voice your opinions on the group message board. Don't forget, the full list of 1001 books can be found under our group files in excel format. Download it and see how many you have read! A list of past selections and a guide to which books are available in audio-format and how to obtain them can also be found under group files.

Please note: Meetup does not provide organizers with unlimited control. Therefore, we do not have access to change your email address, your email settings (go to My Profile), or even to change your RSVPs. Each person must update these items for themselves. Thanks for understanding.

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Le Pere Goriot - Honoré de Balzac

Nicola's Books

1,00 $

"Set in Paris in 1819, Le Pere Goirot follows the intertwined lives of three characters: the elderly doting Goriot; a mysterious criminal-in-hiding named Vautrin; and a naive law student named Eugène de Rastignac. Originally published in serial form during the winter of 1834–35, Le Père Goriot is widely considered Balzac's most important novel. It marks the first serious use by the author of characters who had appeared in other books, a technique that distinguishes Balzac's fiction. The novel is also noted as an example of his realist style, using minute details to create character and subtext. The novel takes place during the Bourbon Restoration, which brought profound changes to French society; the struggle by individuals to secure a higher social status is a major theme in the book. The city of Paris also impresses itself on the characters – especially young Rastignac, who grew up in the provinces of southern France. Balzac analyzes, through Goriot and others, the nature of family and marriage, providing a pessimistic view of these institutions." - from Wikipedia As discussed in our August meeting, there was a tie between Le Pere Goirot and the September book. All in attendance agreed that we should read Le Pere Goirot in November.

End of year get together: HOMES and Used Book Exchange

HOMES Brewery

25,00 $

We are switching up our annual end of the year event this year. Even before the untimely demise of Quarter Bistro, the organizers had decided to move the location elsewhere, as we had been hearing that the Bistro was too expensive and not very fun. So, we have moved the location to HOMES Brewery (just across the street at 2321 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48103) and we are having our first ever Holiday Used Book Exchange (more details on this in a second). Before I get to the fun details, here are a few important things to keep in mind: 1) While HOMES will be cheaper than Quarter Bistro, they do still require a minimum amount spent for a group our size. That means that you should plan on spending at least $25. If you order food and a couple of drinks you should easily hit this mark. If you do not want to spend this amount, please do not attend. 2) HOMES has a limited menu (check it out online, though it does change regularly). It is very tasty, but leans towards Asian flavors and smaller portions. 3) HUGELY IMPORTANT: This is a cash only event!!!!!! HOMES can’t run 30+ credit cards; bring cash! 4) This get together is for members of the Ann Arbor Classics Book Group. If you have just joined our group, please wait and attend our next book club in January. Regular attendees: feel free to attend the party, though, even if you are not attending the November book club meeting. Now, for the fun stuff! We will be having a Used Book Exchange. What is this, you ask? Just pick one of your gently used books, write a brief note about why you love it/why you are giving it away and place it inside, wrap it (in holiday paper, birthday paper, in a gift bag, in a brown paper—whatever you want), and bring it to HOMES. We’ll have a very informal exchange (likely just putting in a pile then choosing one that you didn’t bring). Hopefully we all end up with a great used book, that comes from the library of one of your fellow book clubbers—a group that has excellent taste. ;-) After opening the books, additional swapping can happen (if you already own it, have read it, are dying to read somebody else’s book, etc.). One request: please do not bring books that we have read in this club, as most will probably already own them. And that’s pretty much it! We’ll each get a new used book, eat and drink some pretty tasty stuff in a space where we can mingle and talk, and end our 2019 book year with a bang! The meeting will be directly after our last discussion of the year, at 4pm. Hope to see you there!

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Them - Joyce Carol Oates

Nicola's Books

1,00 $

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