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Kosmos Yoga - Yoga mit Valentine
Yoga at Koerperdojo Reitschule. Open to all levels. On donation: suggested price 15.- Valentine teaches in English. __________________________________________________________________ Yoga im Körperdojo der Reitschule. Für alle Levels geeignet, ob Anfänger*in oder Kopfstandyogi*ni. Richtpreis 15.- Valentine unterrichtet auf Englisch. More info and Registration here: https://www.facebook.com/ValentineKosmosYoga/?eid=ARCR5c9RHCx8urCPl0AnnMqZ-H0Ilou2otHQ-ncm5VnjzMD1_RpjTMOhtWU8CmnoDRbsFcn-Jpg-0kOm

Dachstock, Reitschule

Neubrückstrasse 8, Bern · Bern

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Anyyogi connects Yogis and Yoga Teachers in unique spaces and hosts events where people can gather, learn, grow together and inspire each other. We want to make yoga accessible to anyone, as we believe every single one of us can benefit from a yoga and meditation practice.

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