Spiking Neural Networks and Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

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Professor Kasabov will begin by giving an overview of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how the brain learns data as a Deep Learning system. The brain’s special functioning was the inspiration to develop a "deep learning spiking neural network architecture", for brain-inspired AI. The "NeuCube" is one of the first systems in the world to implement this architecture, and it was developed at KEDRI (https://kedri.aut.ac.nz/), founded by Prof. Kasabov.

He will then present a range of applications for brain data modelling, brain computer interfaces, ecological and environmental data modelling, etc. Professor Kasabov will further comment on neuromorphic hardware platforms that support such computational models, with their massively parallel architecture that is both high-speed and energy efficient. His talk will close with a discussion of future directions of the field. So much amazing content!

We've asked the Professor to tackle things from an engineering perspective.

About Professor Kasabov

Professor Nikola Kasabov is the Foundation Director of the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI), and a Chair of Knowledge Engineering at the School of Computer and Information Sciences at AUT, Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Fellow of the New Zealand Computer Society and a Fellow of IEEE. He holds a MSc and PhD from the Technical University of Sofia. His main research interests are in the areas of: intelligent information systems, soft computing, neuro-computing, bioinformatics, brain study, speech and image processing, data mining and knowledge discovery.

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