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Our Augmenting Reality meetup group is all about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and related technologies such as AI. AR has been described as the new 8th Mass Medium, and VR is poised to become a big part of everyone's lives. If you are interested in the creative use, advances in, and the promotion of these exciting new mediums then this meetup is for you. We meet to talk about, demonstrate and try out the latest innovations in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and related technologies.

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Augmenting Reality - September Meetup

Microsoft Reactor

We bring together key speakers to examine all aspects of VR and AR, we will be taking a look at how VR, AR, and related technologies are going to be utilised. 6:30pm - 6:50pm...Registration 6:50pm - 8:30pm...Live Presentations 1. Steve Dann, CEO. Amplified Robot (https://www.amplifiedrobot.com/) - What's new in AR and VR this month. 2. TBC 3. TBC. 4. TBC 8:30pm - 9:30pm Networking Plus Additional Demos

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Augmenting Reality - May Meetup

Microsoft Reactor

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