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The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG-S) is a non-profit initiative to promote the development of security solutions for automotive products.

- Research projects on publicly available vehicles, infrastructure and supporting backend systems. (Hacker Garage Projects)
- Information concerning existing automotive security problems, solutions, products and technology.
- Create a community of shared resources and networking.

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Meeting 18: ASRG 2019 + Privacy in Automotive

Vector Consulting

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to ASRG v2019. I'm proud to announce the first ASRG-S meetup in 2019 at Vector Consulting Services! Please find the agenda below. As always, we will discuss some of the Automotive Security topics in the news, give an update concerning ASRG and share topics in the group. Then we will have a guest speaker to talk about Privacy in Automotive If you have anything that you would like to present or discuss, please free free to contact me and I will add it to the agenda. See you there! AGENDA - Introductions - Vision / Goals - ASRG News - Automotive Security in the News - Vulnerabilities - Events / Competitions - Feature Presentation: Privacy in Automotive

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