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All about Microsoft Azure technologies. We are organizing sessions and workshops with focus cloud, Microsoft Azure and related technologies.

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Transforming Banking Platforms with Infrastructure-As-Code, OpenShift & Azure

Taming the Banking Beast – Legacy App Modernization with Red Hat OpenShift and Azure Containers and cloud platforms have greatly accelerated the speed of app and infrastructure modernization, but how to best use these tools, especially when working with monolithic enterprise application landscapes that are common in the banking world. This meetup will dive into app modernization and innovation using HybridCloud with RedHat and Microsoft platform technologies. Speakers Thomas Mehl – Accenture – 20 min. Thomas is responsible for Platform Services at Accenture, and has worked with banking IT teams on their journey using OpenShift and Azure in their HybridCloud. He will show where banks are coming from, and how to drive containerization and modernization in this in the banking context. Steffen Kreis – Commerzbank – 30 min. Steffen is an Infrastructure Architect at Commerzbank in the Cloud Foundation team, responsible for automating and operating the cloud infrastructure operations in the bank. He adopted Terraform Templates with Ansible Playbooks to automate the provisioning of hybrid OpenShift clusters, and will give some background info on this decision, and a demo of the provisioning and automation pipeline. - Pause - Andreas Voigtmann & Aleks Lazic – RedHat – 30 min Andreas & Aleks work on HybridCloud solutions at RedHat, and will show some of the most interesting HybridCloud customer scenarios using RedHat platforms, and how the containerization and modernization journey can work. Tyler Ayers – Microsoft – 30 min Tyler is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, and will give some cool demos and insights into containers and orchestrators on the Microsoft Azure platform, and how these tools can be used with customer’s on-premise data and resources, which is especially relevant for financial tech teams. Location - Commerzbank Digital Campus, Theodor-Heuss-Alle 106, 60486 Frankfurt https://goo.gl/maps/H3vYJA2Srvq

Global Azure Bootcamp Frankfurt

e-shelter event center

AGENDA: [masked] - Check-In [masked] - Welcome keynote By Damir Dobric 09:15 - 17.00 Breakout Sessions K8 on Azure by Ricardo Machado - Microsoft AAD B2C by Firash Mdmagh - MVP from Paris ML/IoT for .net Devs by Damir Dobric - MVP/RD Azure Machine Learning and predictive maintenance by Indraneel Pole ... TBD: Follow at: https://developers.de/

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Getting started with Azure DevOps

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