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Azure Readiness - The Cloud Adoption Framework @ Azure Meetup Hamburg

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Björn P. and Wolfgang W.
Azure Readiness - The Cloud Adoption Framework @ Azure Meetup Hamburg


18:00 - 18:30 Begrüssung / Azure News / Termine
18:30 - 19:30 Slot 1
19:30 - 20:00 Networking / Pause / Snacks
20:00 - 20:45 Slot 2
20:45 - 21:00 ("open End") FAQ / Abschluss / Networking

Azure Readiness: The Cloud Adoption Framework
In this session I will give a general overview on how to start with Azure. What are the key pillars that you need to focus on when working with the cloud? How do I manage to gain control over Azure as an IT organization while maintaining agility? These and more topics I will present as part of the new Cloud Adoption Framework by Microsoft.

Speaker: Lennart Passig
Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft
Lennart started working as a System Administrator in the Exchange and Active Directory field for small and midsized companies. After realizing that the future is in cloud computing Lennart shortly started working with the first version of the Microsoft private cloud, back in the day, with System Center components only. Now he is specializing in the Azure public cloud as a Cloud Solution Architect and is also co-organizer of the Azure Meetup in Munich.

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Hermannstrasse 13 · Hamburg, HA
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