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Wir befassen uns in dieser Gruppe fokussiert mit der Cloud-Plattform "Azure" von Microsoft sowie mit den grundlegenden Themen drum herum.

Gemeinsam wollen wir über Cloud-Technologien, Azure Features und neues in der Cloud-Welt sprechen und uns über Ideen und Erfahrungen austauschen - sowohl für IT-Pros wie auch für Entwickler.

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Why Governance is essential to provide reliable cloud workloads.

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When it is possible to provision or delete an entire application or even virtual data center in the cloud with a single line of code inadvertently, we must rethink the traditional way of managing resources. Therefore, new paradigms regarding cloud technologies are necessary to provision, adopt, manage, and govern cloud resources correctly and securely.

That is the moment when governance comes into place. For an organization, it is essential to provide compliance rules as guardrails for the organization's tenant to secure all cloud workloads, avoid misconfiguration, and be compliant.

In this session, Stefan Rapp will explain in a real-life Azure scenario which capabilities must be considered (also from a developer perspective) regarding cloud workloads to keep the cloud resources compliant and secure. We will go into more detail in the following Azure management areas:

  • How to structure the hierarchy.
  • Why naming conventions are essential.
  • Force configurations using policies.
  • How to implement role-based access control.
  • Track costs and manage budget alerts.
  • Strategies of tagging and locking.
  • Deployment of Azure Governance using HashiCorp Terraform

The session will cover frameworks, tools, and best practices that can bring governance to the organizations’ Azure tenants the fast and easy way. Moreover, the speakers will show how to deploy governance resources using the IaC (“Infrastructure as Code”) approach.

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