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Germany is famous for it’s insurance policies, insuring pretty much every aspect of our lives. There are big government-backed associations dedicated to solving nearly every problem you can imagine – disabled people, underprivileged children, natural disasters, global warming and so on.

We in Beliebe looked around us and found out that companies are there, problems are there, advertising in every possible media is there.. and younger people are tired of all this and not interested.

On our MeetUps we would like to discuss:
- different ways there are to help people and environment
- Berlin based charity organisations and start-ups
- why or why not to participate in these actions
- what prevents people from doing so

Every MeetUp will be dedicated to a specific topic followed up by a discussion with you guys.

Our aim is to bring this problem to the broad daylight for people as well as for the charity organisations to see. All the insights and conclusions we will come to during the MeetUps are going to be used to help charity organisations to re-think their concepts.

We hope to contribute to building better future for ourselves, future generations and our planet.

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