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Welcome to Business Intelligence Meetup Hamburg!

In our Meetup, we want to showcase use cases and examples that lead to better decision making and tangible business impact. We talk about analytics and business insights, discuss solutions and architectures and look at use cases and real-life examples.

We want to create an engaging space that enables our community members to learn, share, connect and strive. Whether you are an analyst, engineer, business stakeholder, or data enthusiast, we are very happy to invite you to our community.

If you like to contribute in any way or you have an interesting subject that you would like to discuss, feel free to reach out to us.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events.


Self-Service BI Governance Framework
Lukas Deibel - Manager of Data Analytics @Satorius
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Self-Service BI in a SaaS Company
André Göhler - Senior Reporting Manager @Jimdo
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Self-Service BI Governance Framework

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