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You are a beauty, fashion and lifestyle lover, the founder of an sustainable brand sold on line and social media, or building a platform? Welcome to the #Beautytech global movement. Our community of 500+ is on the mission to bring together entrepreneurs and investors with the purpose of sharing their learnings, create a network, partnerships, and grow together. We meet once or twice a year in several cities around the world: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, and Seoul. And now we are brining it to Germany! Inspired by the event and their great results in San Francisco & New York, we are excited to open the next chapter in Berlin, a go-center for startups and founders. Germany is a green leader in Europe, a hub for innovation and sustainable products. We are excited to make this chapter happen.

We believe that Tech solutions help to customize the customer experience, predict trends, and scale companies. If you have a passion for sustainability and communities matter to you. If you you care about your customers and want to grow fast, learn by the conversation with amazing founders and investors, from seed and early stage to later ones, then you are on the right spot here @BeautyTech Berlin. Our topics range from Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data analytics, social media analytics to the rise of platforms create a new ecosystems.

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About the global community:

The community has been founded in 2017 by Odile Roujol, startups and VCs Advisor, Board member, living in San Francisco, ex l’Oréal - CEO Lancôme and Chief Strategy and Data Officer at Orange. She’s inspired by the 'Pay forward' and 'Give it back' culture in the Silicon Valley, where each of us learns from the other through conversations and meetings. And successful entrepreneurs then invest in new founders. She believes that a revolution is underway with mission-driven and data-driven entrepreneurs. Diversity matters for us, gender equality and putting forward minority founders. We are all more creative and performing listening to different voices and points of view

We believe that diversity powers innovation. Beauty matters. It's all about self-esteem and being connected to oneself and others. Join us on this mission ;)

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