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The Ableton User Group Berlin is for all interested Ableton Live users based in (or visiting) Berlin. All levels are welcome. The meetings are in both German and English. The aim of the Group is to help Live users network and share information and experience in an informal environment with each other. The meetings are to allow all participants to suggest discussion themes related to Ableton Live, as well as to provide a forum for presenting their own work. We also have artist meetings and expert talks which aim to give an insight into how Ableton Live is used in different production and performance contexts, providing insider tips for optimizing workflows. User Group participants are encouraged to present their own work at the meetings with a live or DJ set at the end of the meetings. All Ableton Live users are invited to provide ideas and suggestions for discussions.

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AUGB meeting at CTMs Vorspiel: Your favorite controller

Panke, Gerichtstraße 23, in the last courtyard (V), on the right side, located close to U-/S-Bahn station Wedding.

Dear AUGB-members, First of all, a Happy New Year! Because this meeting is part of CTM´s Vorspiel it will be on Wednesday 23rd! https://vorspiel.berlin So, what's your favorite MIDI controller, and how do you use it? Unless you prefer working purely with a keyboard and mouse, you are going to need some type of external controller to get the most out of Ableton Live. This meeting will focus on MIDI controllers of all kind. TouchAble & Touché We will introduce you to touchAble from Zerodebug as well as Touché from ExpressiveE. While touchAble is a software controller that gives full control of Ableton Live on iOS, Windows and Android touch screens, Touché is an expressive instrument that lets you control electronic sounds with a touch of your hands. https://www.expressivee.com/touche https://zerodebug.com/touchablepro.html What would you recommend? Please bring you favorite MIDI Controller and share your experiences and shortly explain and/ or give an example of how you use it in you productions or live performance, -10 minutes maximum - , regardless if your favorite one is a simple button, a hammer-weighted keyboard, a software controller or an advanced futuristic sensor-laden expressive machine you build by yourself. We are very curious what you work with and look forward to seeing you, Maya & Brian ----- Admission: free

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Field recording & sound creation workshop with AJA @ AUGB

Panke, Gerichtstraße 23, in the last courtyard (V), on the right side, located close to U-/S-Bahn station Wedding.

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