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This group wants to discuss ways to implement a universal basic income. We will look for solutions outside the usual political process. We believe that such solutions could work on its own or they could help to accelerate the progress towards a politically implemented basic income. One solution might be the creation of a new basic income based currency since blockchain technologies now enables every group to create a currency that can seriously compete with existing currencies.

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Circles Onboarding Sessions

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Are you new to Circles? Do you want to know how it works? Do you want to build your trust network?

Come and join our monthly onboarding sessions to get help with the onboarding.

A one hour introduction to the ideas behind Circles, practical information about onboarding circles.garden and the Marketplace as well as ample time to ask your questions and get trusted.

Link: https://meet.jit.si/OnboardingCircles

Monthly, Tuesdays 5-6pm [CET]. Next sessions:
August 2nd


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Dear Berliners!

The next Circles assembly and the market will be THE opportunity to experience the whole dimension of our lovely community: let's bring together everything there is in Circles!

On top of our business partners and their great offers, we would like to invite all of you to join our Circles flea market! Bring what you want to offer for CRC.

Save the date: July 6th, 5pm at Frieda Süd

We will have extra tables for you and your stuff. Everyone can come and find a space, but if you want to help us plan this better, please be so kind and let us know in advance that you will need some space (especially people who need more than 1 meter of table!). Please contact Emma ([masked]) for scheduling!

Looking forward to see you there and exchange Circles!

If you’re completely new to Circles, please come to one of our Onboarding Sessions beforehand, happening online every second Tuesday from 5-6pm. That’s where you’ll be introduced to the ideas behind Circles and how the system works, as well as have the option to receive trust.

▻ 17-18h Local CRC market with fresh produce and art work from local vendors and FLEA MARKET for anyone to offer their products and services for CRC.
▻ 18 -19.30h General Assembly
▻ 19.30h Networking

Bauhütte Kreuzberg e.V.
Friedrichstraße 19
10969 Berlin, Germany

Please mark your calendars for the next Assemblies:
August 3rd, 2022

Join the Berlin Bazaar chat:

If you're not in the system yet and want to start using Circles in Berlin please go to https://circles.garden and create a wallet!

What is Circles?
Circles is a community currency which aims at creating an unconditional basic income from the bottom-up, allowing people, cooperatives, businesses and communities to exchange with each other the things that they need for the resources available in the region. You can read more here joincircles.net and here handbook.joincircles.net .
The Circles Coop Team facilitates Assemblies for people and groups to come together and democratically organise the economy in Berlin. Circles is only one side of the coin, the aim is to create the social organisation which supports the local economy with the principles of decentralization, localism, sustainability and democratic confederation, in order to bring about real-viable economic and political alternatives to our current problems

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