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What is Business Model User Group?

BMUG is an organisation that organises workshops in local communities that help local entrepreneurs make innovative and disruptive business models. This is done by providing valuable feedback and new ideas to their current business idea. We also provide an arena for people to meet and learn in a social environment.

Is it free?

Yes its free. Business Model User Group is a grassroots movement. No one gets paid for organising the events, no speaker is paid, we get to use the premises for free.

Who is attending this workshops?

The BMUG members is a truly diverse group. They are entrepreneurs, students, business consultants, programmers, designers, social entrepreneurs. Many of them working as consultants in their “daytime” job.

Where else can a local startup go and get this kind of input to their business model? The advice is often priceless as it represents so many different experiences and perspectives. It’s inspiring to find a group that meets, learns and shares in their spare time, just for fun.

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