Ethereum Meetup January

Berlin Ethereum Meetup
Berlin Ethereum Meetup
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• ligi: espass - tickets as tokens on the BlockChain

This talk will be a introduction to the esPass project. This project paves the way to treat tickets as a tokens on the BlockChain and solve several problems we experience with current electronic tickets this way.

• Yann Levreau / Christian Reitwiessner: Debugging Smart Contracts

The latest debugging abilities of the Ethereum IDE remix will be presented, including "jump to error" and displaying local and storage variables.

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Free drinks, good company, and the latest news and updates about Ethereum right from the developers. Coding questions, questions about crypto-law, and general curiosity about Ethereum's capabilities are all welcome and encouraged!

Who is this for?

The event is mainly targeted at developers, but there is of course also time for general discussion about Ethereum.

Further information:

To find out more about how Ethereum works, consult the whitepapers, or go to the website

The videos from devcon1 (, devcon2 ( and the videos of previous meetups ( might also be of interest.