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A social group for expats, diplomats and international-minded Germans living in Berlin!

The Berlin Expat Meetup group is a community that can help you make the most out of your life in Germany's offbeat capital.

Here, you can make new friends, and get help with finding work, educational institutions and the best places for food and entertainment.

Eine soziale Gruppe von Ausländern und Deutschen in Berlin.

Un grupo para extanjeros y Alemanes que vivin en Berlin.

Un groupe social pour les étrangers et les Allemands vivant à Berlin.

مجموعة اجتماعية للأجانب والألمان الذين يعيشون في برلين .

Un gruppo sociale per gli stranieri e tedeschi che vivono a Berlino.


Um grupo social para estrangeiros e alemães que vivem em Berlim.

베를린에 거주하는 외국인과 독일인에 대한 사회 집단 .

Berlin'de yaşayan yabancılar ve Almanlar için bir sosyal grup.

Cоциальная группа для иностранцев и немцев, проживающих в Берлине

μια κοινωνική ομάδα για τους αλλοδαπούς και τους Γερμανούς που ζουν στο Βερολίνο


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Long-distance couples: stay connected (online workshop)


25,00 €

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/857346241671964 Are you rarely seeing your loved one due to Corona travel restrictions? Do you feel you are slowly losing your special connection with your partner? Do you find it hard to communicate due time differences or cultural differences? Long-distance relationships can be really challenging – particularly with the current uncertainties regarding flight and entry regulations. Longing for your loved one can hurt deeply. If you feel anxious, misunderstood or distant in your relationship it affects you in so many ways: Maybe you really struggle to concentrate at work because you are worrying about your future together. Maybe it is difficult for you to enjoy time with your friends because instead you are on your phone texting back and forth with your partner. +WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE WORKSHOP?+ In this interactive workshop you will learn strategies to feel more connected. Learn how to improve your (intercultural) communication and avoid draining misunderstandings. Find ways to feel closer to each other that feel right for you. Better understand how to take more part in each other’s lives. Once you feel more connected and understood, it is easier to stop overthinking and make the best out of the challenging situation. There will be plenty of time to reflect on your relationship and feelings, and to have an active exchange with the other participants. During the workshop I will engage with the specific situations and doubts of you in a flexible way. So, you can easily start using your new skills and strategies in everyday life. +WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF THIS WORKSHOP?+ - communicate in a clear and compassionate way - learn to listen with empathy - explore what makes you feel loved and connected - express what you need to your partner without blaming - find more routines that make you feel connected - feel reassured and avoid overthinking +WHO HOSTS THIS WORKSHOP?* As an accredited, experienced family mediator and (intercultural) couple coach, I will guide you through the workshop with lots of real-life examples, humour and empathy. +TICKETS:+ This workshop is for couples only. Please ensure your partner is available at the time of the workshop. 25EUR + German VAT - couple ticket Save 10% with this promo code on Eventbrite: meetup +PAYMENT OPTIONS+: Please buy your ticket in advance through PayPal or Eventbrite. For EVENTBRITE please click: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/126734479239/ To transfer through PAYPAL please send 29 EUR (incl. VAT) to: [masked] Please mention the following in the note/subject line: LDR + workshop date + your name If you have technical problems while making the payment, please get in touch. I will send you the Zoom link a couple of days before the event.

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