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This group is for all football lovers in Berlin, join us to play, organise or watch and make friends who share the same interests. Everyone is welcome, all nationalities, genders and everything in between.

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Football @ Poststadion [AFTERNOON KICK-OFF]

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ATTENDANCE [VERY IMPORTANT] • RSVP only if you are coming. Change your status AT LEAST 2 HOURS before the game starts if your plans change. No-shows will be banned from the group (We will make attendance before the game starts. SERIOUSLY). • If you have no spot or in the waiting list. DO NOT COME. Only people who have confirmed spot will play. • Come on time! There is no guarantee to play if you are late even if you have a spot. GENERAL NOTES: • We'll either play split into two teams, or make three teams and rotate. • All genders and skill levels welcome • No cost to play (its free) • Have fun and respect each other WHAT TO BRING • Water • A ball if you have one • Different coloured shirts to help make teams. Please avoid bright yellow/green and orange/red, to avoid confusion with our bibs. • The pitch is artificial turf - bring appropriate shoes THINGS TO NOTE • There are no shower or changing cabins there. • It's a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof. The 123 bus stops at the Poststadion.

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Football @ Poststadion [AFTERNOON KICK-OFF]


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