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The Berlin Korean Language Meetup is a get-together of people interested in the Korean language and Korean culture.

Our mission is to create a warm and welcoming community for both novice and advanced Korean speakers and for those both savvy in or curious about Korean culture.

We meet weekly, and have offsite events every now and then.


Berlin Korean Language Meetup은 한국어와 한국 문화에 관심있는 사람들의 모임입니다.

우리의 사명은 초보자와 선진 한국어 강사 모두에게 그리고 한국 문화에 정통하거나 호기심이 많은 사람들을 위해 따뜻하고 환영하는 커뮤니티를 만드는 것입니다.

우리는 매주 만나서 오프 사이트 행사를 가졌습니다.


Das Berlin Korean Language Meetup ist ein Treffen von Menschen, die sich für die koreanische Sprache und koreanische Kultur interessieren.

Unsere Mission ist es, eine warme und einladende Gemeinschaft für Anfänger und fortgeschrittene Koreanischsprachige zu schaffen und für diejenigen, die sich mit der koreanischen Kultur auskennen oder sie neugierig machen.

Wir treffen uns wöchentlich und haben ab und zu Veranstaltungen.

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BKLM 119 (NO RSVP NEEDED): Talk Korea & K-Pop, 한국어 연습하고, Discuss: 빨리빨리 Culture

[Newcomers: You're very welcome! No need to prepare anything, just show up and have fun!] Korean speakers and learners, We're having our one-hundred-nineteenth meetup at Blaumilchkanal between S+U Schönhauser Allee and S Bornholmer Straße! As always, this event is 100% free to attend! You are still liable for paying for your own drinks and snacks if you order them. It will work as follows: • Arrive. • Meet other members of the group. • Speak about whatever you'd like. • Enjoy yourself. The 10pm end time is soft, so feel free to stay as long or as short as you like. ### But What If I Don't Speak Korean? We arrange seats so that the people who speak Korean at a high level can sit together and the people who want to enjoy socializing can sit together. So don't worry about your level and come join in on the fun. ### About the Venue Blaumilchkanal is a cozy and quiet bar that's conductive to conversation. Freshly-mixed cocktails, creamy milkshakes and freshly tapped Rollberg are also available for the thirsty, and for the hungry, small snacks are available as well. More details are available at http://www.blaumilchkanal.com/ ### Policy Note: The Berlin Code of Conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org/) is strongly enforced. The Berlin Korean Language Meetup expects all attendees to have a safe, positive and welcoming environment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and religion (or lack thereof). Photo Attribute: Tommy Jepsen https://pixnio.com/ko/%ec%b0%a8%eb%9f%89/%ea%b8%b0%ec%b0%a8%ec%99%80-%eb%b2%84%ec%8a%a4/%ea%b5%90%ed%86%b5-%ec%88%98%eb%8b%a8-%ed%84%b0%eb%84%90-%eb%b9%a8%eb%a6%ac-%eb%b9%a8%eb%a6%ac-%eb%aa%a8%ec%85%98-%ec%9d%b4%eb%8f%99-%ec%b2%a0%eb%8f%84-%ec%b2%a0%eb%8f%84-%ec%86%8d%eb%8f%84

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