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Current State: reorganizing with sporadic meetups

Berlin men’s group is a safe and challenging space for men who dare to explore their masculinity. This is a space to share, to be vulnerable, to face your fears, and to celebrate your success, so that you return to the world with courage, passion and new power.

Ground Rules:

1. This is an open group. Members are welcome to join any meeting and new members are welcome at anytime.

2. Honesty. We show up with an open heart and speak our truth even when it is uncomfortable.

3. Confidentiality. What happens in the meeting stays in the meeting.

4. Without judgement. We address each other in the group without judgement, critique, or blame.

5. Active participation. Each member is willing to share their own story and support the journey of others.

6. I vs You. The goal of the group is evoke change through reflection. We are courageous enough to talk from the "I" point of view (I feel, I believe, I sense). If want to offer a "You" viewpoint then ask permission first.

Our meetings currently take place every two weeks for a duration of three hours. The structure of a meeting usually consists of a circle where each has an opportunity to express himself and a practical part including coaching, workshops and trainings.

The group is for men of any age and sexual preference.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Alexander Baranov.

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