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Über uns

Our group welcomes those of us, who are interested in Microsoft Access, Excel and VBA. We aim  to create an atmosphere, where we will exchange ideas, present new ways to use the software and of course to meet new friends (of course).  

We speak Englisch und Deutsch; beide Sprachen sind willkommen. Therefore it is very good if you can speak one language and understand the other one.

Anyone is welcome as a member. A minimum expectation is that you are a keen user of either Access or Excel. We anticipate that most members are advanced users or programmers. Most important is that you are open-minded to share and learn. 

Personally I am far from being a programer, but advanced user as I have created solutions for small office usage, which have the work significant easier. I hope to continue making my work easier and share solutions with others. 

/Lars Poignant