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1st Berlin MusicTech Meetup
This will be the first-ever Berlin MusicTech Meetup! :-) From now on, we will have monthly gatherings of music-tech visionaries in Berlin. The idea is to connect with creators from other music and/or tech disciplines, exchange thoughts with entrepreneurs and meet curious artists who want to learn more about the technologies out there. We always have a few inspirational talks and demos(10-15 minutes) around one topic at the beginning of each meetup before we spend the rest of the evening mingling. The topic of this meetup will be "New Musical Interfaces". -------------------------------------------------- The three presenters for this first edition of the Berlin MusicTech Meetup are all awesome innovators who have invented truly mind-blowing new musical interfaces. Presenter No. 1 will be Johannes Lohbihler a creative technologist living and working in Berlin. Johannes is the mastermind and creator of dadamachines (http://dadamachnies.com) and has previously co-founded the SaaS company LUXOWORKS. He is a seventh generation carpenter with a BA in product design and an MA in interaction design. He creates digital and analogue products and experiences. After a successful kickstarter campaign for the first dadamachines product – The Automat Toolkit – in 2017, and its delivery to more the 500 customers worldwide, the brand "dadamachines" is now opening up as a label for open-source music hardware. Johannes and his friends are currently building a new workshop/space at the Blockchain Embassy Berlin to enable agile hardware development. Presenter No. 2 next Wednesday will be Moisés Horta Valenzuela aka HEXORCISMOS. He is teaming up with the people from Decochon(http://decochon.com/), a studio from Denmark which focuses on designing playful and inspiring software. Together, they are going to explore the philosophy of creating music with their Sandbox Instrument MuX(https://www.playmux.com/) and the power of building modular instruments in virtual space. With MuX you can build modular music machines in #VR. Last but certainly not least, our Presenter No. 3 will be Helen Leigh. She is an author, education writer and maker with a focus on new technologies. She has developed curricula for the Royal Court in Oman and written playful technology education materials for National Geographic and Intel Education. Helen's latest book is called "The Crafty Kid’s Guide to DIY Electronics", to be published by McGraw Hill in November 2018 (https://www.amazon.com/Crafty-Kids-Guide-DIY-Electronics/dp/1260142833). Alongside her writing, Helen develops creative technology with a focus on education, including her latest collaboration with Imogen Heap, MIMU and Pimoroni: a gesture-controlled musical instrument glove that children sew, wire, code and play themselves (https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/mini-mu-glove-kit). Helen lectures on Electronics, Physical Computing and Music Technology at Ravensbourne University and Tileyard Studios in London. She was previously director of the education platform Mission:Explore, with whom she published six acclaimed children's books. Additionally, you will get the chance to try out more musical interfaces from The Glad Scientist (https://thegladscientist.ninja/), Jambl (https://jambl.app/), Nagual Sounds (http://nagualdance.com) and others. -------------------------------------------------- Our mantra is "Innovation Through Collaboration" as we believe that the future lies in collaborative thinking and working in eco-systems rather than fighting for yourself in ego-systems. That's why learning about future trends, meeting old friends and connecting with new like-minded people is at the core of this meetup series. Thanks to The Venue Berlin, we will have an awesome location for this meetup and thanks to Berliner Pilsner, will have free beer for the evening too. Yay! Come and join us! We look forward to having you with us! Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/339502986878286/

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    Welcome to the Berlin MusicTech Meetup. A monthly meetup for all MusicTech enthusiasts.

    It's meant for professional musictechnologists as well as for those who simply love music and technology, seeking to learn more about how to merge both areas.

    Music technology has shaped the way how we create, distribute, promote, consume and monetize music. Whether you are a software developer, maker, designer, researcher, artist or just someone who is interested in how technology can help your music to evolve, you are in the right place.

    The Berlin MusicTech Meetup is here to facilitate networking and partnership opportunities. We exchange thoughts and experiences and we discuss ideas and test products with the potential to have an impact on tomorrow's music ecosystem.

    We look forward to having you as a member of our Meetup group. Please feel free to spread the word with other like-minded people.

    We only send emails that are event related.
    If you're interested in demoing your prototype or product, keep an eye out for the "Call for Presenters" email which goes before each event.

    The Berlin MusicTech Meetup is a not-for-profit event but we look forward to partner with your brand. For Sponsorship opportunities please email Claudia Schwarz at claudia@music-tech.de

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