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Hello! Let's sing together!

I'm a musician from London who moved to Berlin with my work at the school of physical theatre and performance At LISPA I teach group singing, world songs in harmony by ear and improvisation through circle songs and games. In London I sang for seven years with the London Vocal Project (, and trained with Circle Song practitioners, and since moving to Berlin I have been feeling the urge to start up my own small, medium or large vocal ensembles.

Although I wouldn't class myself as a religious person, I'm especially moved and excited by mid-20th Century male acappella Gospel music (Fairfield Four, Soul Stirrers) and soulful, rhythmic groups like Ladysmith Black Mambazo - but the main aim would be to get a group going (mixed gender, various musical genres) where the vibe is right, the music is good, and the people are having a good time. So all are welcome!

Here's what I'm not interested in: show tunes, singing with a backing CD, pop music - but I would happily branch out to jazz, bluegrass, roots music of various kinds and from various cultures. Lots of listening and lots of singing, and not so much notes-reading, would be the general direction. I believe that note-reading ability can and would be a helpful skill, but I also feel strongly that 'getting off the page' brings massive benefits.

We run a voluntary donation structure to keep costs covered. Ich kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen - jeder ist willkommen! :-)

So, do you want to join a group who get together and sing, to sound fantastic and have a great time? I have the musical ability and experience to lead the group, and am happy to provide plenty of repertoire which I have arranged and transcribed from my favourite recordings (since somehow those 'bought sheet music' versions just never seem to work, do they?) Despite this, I'm not an egomaniac and am just as happy singing behind a soloist as being one. :-)

If all this sounds interesting to you, then make contact and let's start something groovy and amazing. In the meantime go over to YouTube or iTunes and search for the Fairfield Four (especially album Standing in the Safety Zone), Nashville Bluegrass band (when they sing a capella), Georgian Choral music, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, etc.

If the idea of singing this stuff floats your boat, I want to hear from you !

Thanks for reading,


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