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Startup Founder 101 brings together aspiring and experienced tech entrepreneurs to discuss, meet, and collaborate to build great new startups, and to push the local startup ecosystem forward.

This group hosts numerous free events throughout the year where you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that. You’ll have the opportunity to meet local founders and investors, exchange ideas with experts, get feedback on your idea, participate in startup workshops, and more.

Typical startup event topics include:
• Coming up with a strong startup idea
• Startup legal basics
• How to pitch your startup
• Starting a company without quitting your day job
• How to raise funding for your startup
• And much more!

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Demo Day: Learn About Startups Growing Quickly During COVID-19 (Online event)

Now more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs building products that fit into our collective Post-COVID future. On this live and interactive online event, you can watch pitches from innovative seed-stage startups growing rapidly as a result of the pandemic, and ask the founders questions. Founder Institute Alumni have raised over $950M in funding and are worth an estimated $20B, so don't miss this opportunity to learn about the innovative technology companies you'll be reading about tomorrow! >>> THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT. TO RSVP, VISIT https://fi.co/startupwebinar/1337 To join after the event begins, go to http://onlinestartupevents.com. >>> WHO IS PITCHING? We have selected some of the fastest-growing companies from the Founder Institute portfolio to pitch on this event, including: 1) Prowess Project (http://prowessproject.com): Prowess Project is an Austin FI portfolio company that helps employers find expert talent via IQ & EQ, providing a natural fit and shortened interview/ onboarding process. 2) Pynk (http://pynk.io): Pynk is a London FI portfolio company building an investment platform that combines the wisdom of crowds, experts, and A.I. to help you make smarter investment decisions. 3) mycoop (http://mycoop.com): Mycoop is a New York FI portfolio company creating a communication and collaboration hub for buildings, where the right people are always connected to the right tools to be more productive and enjoy life at home. 4) Subly (http://getsubly.com): Subly is a London FI portfolio company that enables automatic transcription and subtitling for videos, across multiple languages and all in the browser. Learn more about the Founder Institute pre-seed startup accelerator at http://fi.co/ and see other online startup events at http://onlinestartupevents.com.

F-Impact: Pitch your startup idea! (Hosted by FI Berlin Team)

>> WHAT'S F-IMPACT ALL ABOUT The F-IMPACT meetup is brought to you by the Founder Institute Berlin and is a unique opportunity for young founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to step up and fight for their startup. You’ll be put in the spotlight in front of an audience and given 3 minutes to pitch (no slides, just you!) your company or your idea – but this isn’t a normal pitch. You do not do it for investors, but in front of a crowd of people ready to reveal any cracks in the pitch, product and idea. To make the most of it, we have an experienced entrepreneur and business angel to view your pitch and give dedicated feedback. And you never know – maybe some good contacts will come out of it, as well. In the past events, people found their co-founders, startups did crucial but successful pivots after the feedback, and some founders qualified for a fellowship at the founder institute. >> THE ASK ATTENTION: We start at 6pm sharp, please be on time respecting the moderators and mentors and the audience! Come as a listener or prepare a 3 min pitch – it’s up to you. All are welcome. Many times in the past, we’ve had audience members come just to listen to other pitches, but after a few times finally gained the courage to come onstage and share their startup idea. And the best part is that no one has regretted it. >> WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU This is a chance for you to get objective feedback and advice from people who know what they’re talking about, so you can pivot or drop your idea before putting in too much work. So many founders become too focused in their own idea world that they can’t see what’s wrong with what they’re doing or where they're headed – we're here to change that. >> REGISTER NOW This event is FREE but space is limited. To stay updated about Founder Institute Berlin please RSVP here: https://FI.co/e/228863/FImpact Spectators are welcome! ::: The Founder Institute - Win a scholarship! The Founder Institute Berlin (https://FI.co/s/Berlin/FImpact) will be hosting all of the F-Impact Fall 2020 Sessions. We will give you a short overview over the largest early stage accelerator and how we can support you in turning your idea into a business. And we will grant a scholarship for our Fall 2020 batch for the best applicant out of these F-Impact sessions (make sure to use the URLs below!) For more free startup events, visit https://FI.co/s/Berlin/FImpact. To apply directly for our next term starting 9th of September 2020, visit https://FI.co/join/FImpact

Berlin Pitch Bootcamp: Learn to Pitch Your Ideas Like a Pro!

After a pure F-Impact pitching event, we want to gift you with a special pitching masterclass led by Dirk Lehmann, our favourite pitch trainer! Pitching your startup ideas effectively is a crucial skill that will help you acquire financing, customers, partners, and top talent. In just three hours, the Startup Pitch Bootcamp will help you improve your pitching skills and recruit potential co-founders. This intensive, collaborative workshop features talks by our favorite pitch trainer designed to help you understand the key ingredients of a successful pitch. Then, you can apply that learning and pitch to both experts and peers to receive constructive feedback in a relaxed setting. Join us for a fun evening, with Dirk Lehmann - Pitch Coach & Innovation Advisor. If you want to take a sneak peak to see what Dirk can do for you above and beyond the content of this session, please check out http://thepitchtraining.de. >> Who Should Attend the Pitch Bootcamp? - Anyone who needs practice and expert advice on pitching. - Anyone who has an idea for a startup or an early-stage company. - Anyone that is interested in joining a new startup or looking for a co-founder. >> >> This event is FREE, but space is limited. To stay updated about Founder Institute Berlin please RSVP here: https://FI.co/e/228557/meetup ::: The Founder Institute The Founder Institute Berlin (https://FI.co/s/Berlin/Meetup) is hosting this session. We will give you a short overview over the largest early stage accelerator and how we can support you in turning your idea into a business. For more free startup events, visit https://FI.co/s/Berlin/Meetup. To apply directly for our next term starting 9th of September 2020, visit https://FI.co/join/Meetup --- Also remember to sign up for our Founder Insight mailing list to receive exclusive startup training videos and articles every Monday and Thursday: http://eepurl.com/SLa

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