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Diese Meetupgruppe dient dem Erarbeiten und Vertiefen von Geschäftsideen entsprechend dem Business Modell Canvas. Vom Kundenprofil her entwickelt man seine Geschäftsidee in einer Tabelle auf einer einzigen Seite. Im Laufe der Geschäftsentwicklung überprüft man einzelne Annahmen aus dem Start und vertieft somit seine Geschäftsidee, ohne sie ausufern zu lassen. Bei den Meetups wird in Kleingruppen jeweils eine Geschäftsidee entwickelt, bzw. vertieft. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Um Spenden für die Meetup Organisation wird gebeten. Die Session endet mit einem Pitch der erarbeiteten Idee.


History, founders/organisers, associations, and interest levels...

This workshop series is part of a Business Development with the Business Model Canvas Meetup group where Gerd Wenning and Jamal Maxey used to organise weekly events at WeWork during 2018 in order to give feedback to others businesses and receive feedback on their own Edutech tutorial business plans and activities.

We restarted the workshops in a monthly format - Second Saturdays - in December under the Amarte FirstFriday Curated Network supported by Jonas Vukic, Saptarshi Baksi, Alejandro Wagner, Paulina Herz, and Jamal Maxey.


Second Saturday Workshop Series - progress so far...

We begun with an overview of the Business Model Canvas with a guest speaker explaining theirs and how it has been an iterative process with their business planning and development (Workshop 1), we moved on to focus on two components of the canvas - customer segments and value propositions - and focused on the Value Proposition Canvas (Workshop 2), then we tested the respective assumptions of our customer segments and corresponding value propositions through studying, designing, and employing lean startup market research and customer interview methodologies (Workshops 3 & 4), followed by a look at Customer Relationships and Channels (Workshop 5), and now we turn to focus on the Revenue Streams segment of the Business Model Canvas (Workshop 6).


Capacity Issues

We host 10-15 participants each time, half of which are returning members, and over 100 people are now interested in participating and joining the workshop series. So, please sign-up early, adjust your RSVP if you find you cannot attend, and please actively engage and help us make this workshop series a co-creativity and team-up success together.

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Vol. 9 Second Saturdays: Beyond the ‘Pitch’ - learn the Story Dialogue Process

In this penultimate volume of our open, peer-support, pay-as-you-feel workshop series, we turn to oral presentation skills and how to communicate the essence of your Business Model Canvas in an authentic, succinct, engaging, and with an openness to dialogue. Curious? Read to see what the experienced and supportive Carmel has in store for us, and RSVP now before all the places are reserved! ------------------------- Beyond the ‘Pitch’ Simple Steps on How to Engage your Audience Presenting your ideas is an essential business skill that you can easily learn. Like most of us, you probably dread speaking in front of people – even if it’s just a group of friends at a monthly First Friday event with the Amarte Network Network! Presenting our ideas to a group is now an unavoidable part of our working lives, in written and spoken form, e.g. pitching, your website, meetings, PR-material, trade-fair, etc. It’s a necessary business skill you can greatly improve with a few simple tools and some regular practice! In this hands-on workshop we’ll take a practical approach to understanding the basic ingredients of a successful ‘pitch’ – and how to implement them – (hint: we’ll practise as we go!) • What are the 'golden rules' for getting it right? • What are the absolute 'Don’ts'? • What makes a pitch memorable (a positive memory!)? • How to avoid the 'forgettable' pitch? ------------------------- Guest Facilitator (and workshop series member): Carmel Finnan https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmelfinnan/ Carmel gathered her skills and experiences as a Communication and Storytelling Consultant working as a teacher, lecturer, copywriter, life coach, marketing consultant, and through being a parent. She is the owner of Story Dialogue, www.storydialogue.com, which helps entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses turn their big ideas into successful enterprises, by knowing how to attract the right audience, engage them, and inspire them to action. Here’s the promise of her Story Dialogue Process: “When you can tell a story in the right way, you’ll never have to hustle for an audience, a client or a sale again!” ------------------------- Venue/location: HAPPY PIGEONS CO-WORKING (Prenzlauerberg) A big thanks to Marc, Kai and Hazem and members at Happy Pigeons Co-living and Co-working* for opening up their space for our workshop series this coming Saturday! *https://www.happypigeons.com/our-story-and-team A warm welcome too from us to any of the members who're interested in joining us - please RSVP so we can track sign-up number and motivations. ------------------------- PAY-AS-YOU-FEEL Especially given this month's useful topic and expert, we're going to repeat with a pay-as-you-feel* fee for the workshop - with a recommended minimum donation of 5 euros each. *Think before. during and after "what is this workshop worth to me and?" what can I afford"

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