Worum es bei uns geht

Exploring a bit more of Berlin with a little walk. The plan is to meet at a random U-bahn station every Sunday afternoon and go for a little walk in the neighborhood to discover what it has to offer.

The plan is to walk for about 2-3 hours, maybe grab some coffee if there is a nice place or anything else that seems to be interesting in that neighborhood. If you are always stuck in the same neighborhood where you live it is easy to forget what such a big city has to offer!

Everyone is welcome of course!

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Silent Slow Starry Stroll at Schlantensee

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Let's get away from the city lights to enjoy nature during the dark. We'd do a slow walk around the lake in silence. We'll get to see some stars if we get lucky with a clear sky. Bring along a flashlight if you have one and a warm jacket! The meeting point is the S1 platform at S Schlachtensee at 8:20 PM.

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Saturday in Saxony — Part II

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