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Virtual Reality Berlin
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VR immerses you into other worlds. Good audio contributes largely to the immersion. This event is addressing the various audio technologies used to enhance VR experiences with sound. Four audio professionals will present their approach of sound for VR.

1) Tom A, CEO at New Audio Technology, will present their Spatial Audio Game Engine (SAGE) which focusses on binaural audio and spatial audio for headphones.

New Audio Technology has developed the Spatial Audio Game Engine (SAGE). It is a powerful tool for game and future VR/AR audio support.

2) Martin Rieger, founder of Vrtonung, will explain how VR sound drives immersive story-telling and its possibilities of creative use.

Vrtonung specialises in cinematic virtual reality experiences and is therefore taking care of the 360° sound recording as well as the post-production with immersive audio.

3) Valerio Velardo, CEO and co-founder of Melodrive, will present their AI music engine and explain why it is ideal for VR experiences.

Melodrive has developed an AI music engine for creating infinite, unique music in realtime that adapts to VR experiences and games in order to create immersive soundtracks.

4) Billy Mello, Creative Director at Lucha Libre Audio, will present a talk about Music and Emotions in VR, focusing on steps to achieve intended moods in VR production through Audio.

Lucha Libre Audio Berlin is a VR Audio studio inside the Riverside Studios, that delivers Spatial Audio for many productions in VR, AR, MR, and 360 Videos.

The speakers will give us 20 minutes presentations followed by short Q&A.

7th of November 2018

SAE Berlin, Cuvrystraße 4, 10997 Berlin, Germany

- SAGE engine
- Vrtonung
- Melodrive engine

SAE Institute, with a global network of 50 campuses on 5 continents, is the worldwide largest private provider of creative media technology education. For almost 40 years SAE has been establishing international standards for creative media technology education, in the field of Audio Engineering, Digital Film & VFX, Webdesign & Development, Cross-Media Production & Publishing, Game Art & 3D Animation and Mobile Application Development.

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