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Hi out there, Do you love music? Especially African Pop music by any chance? I'm looking forward to getting to know people who share this passion! For me this music has so many strong points: most of the time it's rhythmic and energetic with its often intricate interplay of guitars and - with its unique type of melodies and singing - at the same time soothing, getting you in a positive mood... My favourite style is Congolese music, but I'm also fond of most other varieties of African Pop music. It's rather not about African drumming, that why I'm using the term Pop Music by the way. The idea is, after a sufficient number of members have enrolled, to organize the initial meetings simply in a pub. Then let's see what might come out of that in terms of activities. Apart from having a regualar chat, maybe there will be a group which arrange to meet at a concert, or even to create some music in whatever way, an idea I fancy myself for some time, there are many options for activities I guess. As for now I just hope that the idea for such a group is interesting to quite a few people and I look forward to welcoming new group members!

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